Why Choose Us?


These days, coffee is without a doubt a part of most workers average day. Some of us would have heard that certain people can't "function" without their caffeine hit. Slowly but surely, businesses are starting to realise that having a machine on site that is capable of challenging the standard of coffee you can get made by a barista will end up saving your business A LOT of money.

Have you ever stopped and thought how much money is being lost in productivity due to employees making trips to the local cafe to get their coffee fix?

A case study was recently performed on a large government IT department with 75 employees. IT has to run 24 hours a day and therefore a lot of these employees use caffeine to get them through long shifts at odd hours! Every employee within this department was making twice a day runs to the local cafe to get coffee. 

But what is this cost in lost productivity?

Well, let's look at their average salary:


  • $65,000 per year.
  • $1,250 a week or $31.25 an hour.
  • Each trip takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • That's an hour lost each day or $31.25 for EACH EMPLOYEE!
  • 75 x 31.25 gives us $2,343.75 lost in productivity every day.
  • That's $11,718.75 a week or $609,375 a year!!
  • 9.375 employees YEARLY SALARY have been lost in coffee trips.

So what are the alternatives? Should management ban the coffee trip?




A total ban on these trips would cause caffeine withdrawals, loss of staff morale, decreased productivity, general bad mood and possible tantrums and tears.

The wise management team will search for an alternate solution to these coffee fears. An in house machine!

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